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Phil Griggs Medium

We all have a light that can shine beyond belief. Just find the switch and turn it on’

International Clairvoyant & Astrologer

Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Integrative Therapy Coach

Specialising in Neuro Motivational Coaching

Trauma Therapist

NLP EFT EMDR ETS  Practitioner

Accredited Tutor Facilitator and Trainer

We get so busy in todays world that we rarely have time for ourselves to sit back and feel, ‘where am I going, am I on the right path and how can I get the best direction in my life? Instead we just battle on carrying a ruck sack on our shoulders of doubts, worries and insecurities.

Perhaps you have been feeling stressed, scared, lost, bewildered, and questioning why do I keep attracting the wrong relationships or feeling out of balance from my true essence, where has my energy and drive gone from my life?

You know you are great and you know you have a lot to offer life yet sometimes we lose our way and feel out of rhythm. Maybe you’ve been blaming yourself or holding yourself back over situations in your life through guilt, shame or even ‘Am I good enough syndrome?’

So, how would it feel if you if you became aligned to your higher self and then energetically connected to your personal happiness and greatness? Do you want to get the most out of your relationships and personal and career life, do you want to be the very best you can be and be your souls hero? If so then maybe I can help you find and discover these things.

I’m Phil Griggs and I have been working as a spiritual medium, professional hypnotherapist, astrologer and psychotherapist for over 35 years and have helped people to rediscover their true selves by using a combination of the services I offer. I have also had appearances and invitations for Sky TV, radio and the media through my work. Follow me on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook for full moon meditations, live talks and shows.

Spiritual readings consist of mediumship, the aura and tarot, and hand reading. The sessions are approx 1 hour long, which can be 1-1 sessions or zoom consultations. All sessions can be recorded.

I also work as a stage medium and am often hired for group/private events.

Astrology and Medical Astrology can help you to discover your true potential , deal with problematic issues you maybe facing and the roots to a problem that may be affecting you mentally or physically. We may also use hypnotherapy or psychotherapy to really get you back on your feet. I use astrology for:

Relationship guidance and compatibility

Career guidance

Astrocartography - Where is best place for you to for you to live where you can be happy and successful.

Transits, Solar Arcs and Progressions -  connect with the planetary energy of the times relevant to your birth chart only and take advantage of unique opportunities and how best to deal with any challenges you may face and turn restrictions into positive outcomes

Here’s a testimonial from a client:

Hi Phil. My name’s Andrew and you saw me when I was at a very hard part of my life, I just want to say that your reading saved me from a dark path I was thinking of taking, you gave me hope and something to focus on!

Isn’t it time for you now? Yes, let’s start with you as you are the most important person reading this. Put yourself first and empower yourself, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and align to your souls true divine purpose. I’m just a phone call or a button away.

Phil Griggs Psychic Show

Mondays 2pm EST - 7pm UK - 8pm EU

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1st October  2023.

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I quitted smoking 5 years ago with the aid of Phil’s no smoking program. To this day I have never smoked again. I can’t rate Phil enough for helping me to quit the nicotine habit. I feel healthier and have saved an absolute fortune in money. Thank you Phil

Lyndsay Darvell

Dunstable UK

‘Amazing communication skills to spirit and worth every minute

Spot on having previously been disappointed with other readers, I can't rate Phil enough.’

Hollie Hitter

Norfolk UK

You are the Sky

Everything else is just the weather

Pema Chodron

Phil Griggs

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