Cafe Clairvoyance

A new Spiritual and Interactive Show 

Live on Facebook and YouTube

Welcome to #CafeClairvoyance

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Welcome to the Café Clairvoyance page for the new interactive

The Spiritual Show

live on Facebook

Every Sunday at 7pm EU/6pm UK time

Every Tuesday at 8pm EU/8pm UK time

Every Wednesday at 11am EU/10am UK time

Relax - pop the kettle on and lets meet up at the Café Clairvoyance 

Together we can unleash our positive spiritual vibes


The shows will be uploaded to the YouTube Page #cafeclairvoyance and website

Come along and meet the Café Clairvoyant at the Café Clairvoyance hosting a live show every 

Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Sunday evening at the Café Clairvoyance features the Spiritual Wizard with his poetry, philosophy and spiritual insights

Your Story - send us your spiritual story or do you want to give a charity or organisation a shout out...would you like to mention a healing or meditation group, then please contact us 

Tuesday evening at the Café Clairvoyance Show features the Café Clairvoyant and a guest 

Wednesday morning is The Spiritual Astrology Show with the Café Clairvoyant and Guiomar Ramirez-Montesinos

*If you would like a mini reading on the Sunday evening show or an astrology reading on the Wednesday morning show then contact us with your birthdate, favourite colour and a question  in advance, please*

 Join us at the Café Clairvoyance Group where we can meet up and chat

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