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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together - Marilyn Monroe

Cafe Therapies

Life gets busy and sometimes its hard to make time for ourselves with so many changes going on in our lives we need to take a breath and sometimes check in with ourselves with a therapist.

Cafe therapies allows you to either have a one-one direct consultation with Phil or over social media, zoom for example. Online consultations are just as effective as face to face as you will discover with you a free initial consultation.  Phil’s found that people often don’t have time visit a clinic and that having an online session in a comfortable environment at home is extremely relaxing and often beneficial.

Phil has a decade of experience helping people with often traumatic or stressful problems and turn to Phil’s unique style of therapy for his support. 

His testimonials respectfully credit him as one of the turn-to guys for help, support and guidance. Wether you need a coach to improve your performance in life or are suffering from a trauma such as stress or anxiety Phil is here to help.

Phil is highly qualified in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro Coaching and Trauma Releasment Therapies. 

He’s has been featured in the press, appearances on TV and regularly gives interviews to large audiences wether on social media or on stage.

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