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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together - Marilyn Monroe

‍Introducing Phil Griggs a clinical Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist and Integrative Neuro Coach. 

‍ After a rewarding career in both the Royal Navy and HM Prison Service based in United Kingdom, Phil decided he wanted to do something challenging and completely different  with his future career path.

‍Phil undertook extensive training as a Hypnotherapist and became a qualified NLP Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Advanced Pain Management and Stress Management Consultant, Adult Education Teacher and a Thinking Skills Facilitator combining these skills with Neuro and Integrative Coaching . 

‍Phil decided to combine all of the above therapeutic techniques into a life empowering method of coaching known as Life Empowering Therapy or LET’s.

‍Phil provides therapeutic and motivational guidance to individuals who are in the process of experiencing difficult, traumatic and often challenging psychological and/or emotional situations

‍Whilst specialising in colour therapy techniques used for stress management, fears and phobias, pain control, addictions and education. Phil also has helped clients with unexplained infertility, fibromyalgia and smoking cessation issues.

‍Confidence building, motivation combined with progressive life enhancing coaching techniques are also popular methods of modern guidance requested by Phil’s clients.

‍Using progressive psychotherapy and hypnosis methods combined with integrative coaching LET’s can help clients to redefine negative thoughts, habits and behaviours into positive and productive outcomes.

‍All consultations are undertaken in a friendly, respectful and safe environment.

‍Confidentiality is assured.

‍The individual requirements of the client are always taken into consideration. 

‍Registered as a professional hypnotherapist with General Hypnotherapy Register.

‍Available for appointments in Teulada, (Alicante) Spain and online

‍Please contact Phil for further details 

‍+34 683 433 708  +44 7739 023 463

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Your Life
(lose weight feel Great)

Pain Control

 Phil can offer specialist help with the following:

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Empowerment & Success

Stress and Anxiety


Sexual Confidence

Fatigue Syndromes

Burn out



Hot Sweats/Menopause

Confidence Building

Public Speaking


Fear of Flying

Fitness Performance

Pain Management

Unexplained infertility

Recovering from broken relationships

Neuro Language Coaching

 Do you think of giving up smoking as a challenging, possibly daunting experience?

“On 25th November 1998 at 9.35pm I gave up smoking with the aid of a hypnotherapist, who used hypnotherapy techniques, to encourage me to rid myself of my nicotine habit. 

I have never smoked since and have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms!”

Now as a Clinical Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, I help people to stop smoking and enjoy the same experience I do; living without nicotine. 

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful therapies that is available to support you in giving up smoking. 

Smoking Cessation is priced at €199. 

This powerful Therapy Session enables you to re-programme your Subconscious Mind into believing you are a a non-smoker, break the habit and remove addiction feeling.

I will also work with you to re-enforce and introduce positive thoughts & affirmations to help you deal with any underlying issues that smoking may have suppressed.

Within two months you will have saved money and be living a healthier, non-smoking lifestyle!  You will notice your clothes, hair, car and house are smelling smoke free!

For further details about Smoking Cessation, please contact us for an initial free consultation.

A Phobia is often the cause of a problem or issue, a Fear is often the emotional response to the Phobia. 

We are born with two fears in our lives. One is the fear of falling, the second is the fear of the dark. The rest of the fears and phobias, we have, we acquired through life. 

Fears work of a Kinaesthetic System. Fear is a reaction to something we have seen, heard, touched, thought or are unable to understand or have generated ourselves.

All Fears are unique and different to each individual and may relate to earlier memories in life. 

A recent client was a woman who had a fear of mice. This was because her brother dropped a mouse down her top when she was a young girl. After this distressing experience she panicked every time she saw a mouse. 

Using Hypnotic suggestions, I was able to reframe her anxieties in her Subconscious Mind, by gently encouraging her to release her fear. Enabling her to become calm and relaxed whenever she was near mice.

This client has been helped to manage her fear.

Hypnotherapy can be used in many different situations, from fear of spiders, fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of exams, talking to an audience, fear of interviews, etc. 

Many fears can be dealt with using Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Techniques!

If you would like an initial free consultation please contact me 

Each year companies are paying out vast amounts of sick pay to employees who are suffering from pain & fatigue!

As an employer, if your sickness bill was halved from pain related issues, imagine the positive effect it would have on your industry!

Mind Power Skills use the very latest in Mind Tools to offer pain relief therapy to clients who are suffering with chronic pain!

Is stress and anxiety, caused by physical pain, creating exhaustion and fatigue in your life? 

Are your relationships, social life & career being affected by chronic pain? 

Mind Power Skills use a powerful Hypnotherapy method using

Pain Control Therapy to help ease the symptoms of pain.  

Pain Control Therapy works with your Subconscious Mind

Using the technique of Hypnotic Suggestion,  we implement a pain block, providing relief to the area of the body that is affected by pain. 

Pain Control Therapy aims to control pain, by reducing it to a more comfortable level. 

In some instances, the pain may diminish, allowing you to lead a relatively “pain free” life. 

The amount of Pain Control Therapy sessions needed, will vary for each individual. 

We may need confirmation in writing from your  own General Practitioner /Consultant confirming that Pain Control Therapy is a suitable treatment for you.

If you are interested in Pain Control Therapy please contact us.

Mind Power Skills use the very latest  methods in Hypnotherapy to help clients who are suffering with Stress and Anxiety!

Stress and Anxiety can cause tension & illness when the Conscious Mind becomes overloaded with pressure. 

Financial pressures! A demanding life style! Social anxiety! Exam stress! family pressures! etc. 

Stress related issues are increasingly causing people anxiety, depression and sleep related problems. 

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to danger, an automatic alarm that goes off when you feel threatened.

Some Anxiety Disorders are related to depression. In most cases stress & anxiety related conditions & illnesses are treatable with Relaxation Techniques and Hypnotherapy.

Life Empowerment Therapy enables you to find your own positive solutions to stress and anxiety related issues!

Please contact Phil for an initial free consultation.

Phil Griggs

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