Recorded Meditation & Guided Meditation CD’s


We are very excited to be able to launch our New CD range of peaceful and relaxing CD’s designed to take you to the most relaxed and powerful deep levels of Mediation.

Some are designed to help you relax, whilst others help you connect with your inner self, or meet your Spirit Guides, Heal Your Body, discover Inner Life Affirmation and so much more.

The CD’s are made in conjunction with Sound Therapist; Julie Burgess.

Julie brings Sound Meditation to life through the Gongs, Singing Bowls, Rain Sticks, Chimes and other unique instruments giving a ambient sound quality to helping you to easily relax, de-stress and meditate.

We have launched 2 CD’s intitally.

7 Sounds of Tranquility and Meditation is Gongs etc.

Voices: Guided Meditation and Gongs

Both are priced at £12

You can purchase the CD’s by either using PayPal’s drop down menu or via credit Card by contacting us.

Purple Moon Promotions


Music, Words, & Photographs All rights reserved to Phil Griggs and Purple Moon Promotions Copyright 2013.