Spiritual Mediumship

Phil Griggs is a very lively and respected international Spiritual and Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Life Empowering and Integrative Coach and Trainer.

Phil has worked as a professional medium since 1988 and demonstrated his unique intriguing blend of Spiritual and Psychic Mediumship at large shows and venues in many different countries, including USA, UK, Spain, Canada and Germany. 

Phil has given public demonstrations of his Mediumistic abilities on television, radio and various published articles in newspapers and magazines.

Phil strives to push the boundaries of his professional work by striving to ensure that each mediumistic message provides as much evidence as possible of spirit and the continuation of life on the ‘other side’ and that the soul is eternal. See his testimonials.

How Phil connects with spirit:

The most important link Phil needs to enhance his connection with spirit, is your voice. This connection can be made with you either face to face, in a one to one sitting or via social media platforms such as Skype, FaceTime or a telephone reading. 

Phil tunes into your aura and begins to connect with spirit using his natural gift of clairvoyance. The sitting may also consist of palmistry or hand reading, and a card spread.

Each consultation offers the client a personalised and unique experience, providing comfort and support.

The sessions can also be recorded and sent within 24 hours via email as a download link. 

Private Consultations

Phil provides individual readings for clients from his consulting room or can provide a home visit.

A travel charge may apply.

International consultations are available via Skype or FaceTime or the telephone.

Each session is approximately one hour in duration

All sessions can be recorded and sent as a download for you. 

Group Readings

Book a party event or evening in the comfort of your home 

or chosen venue.

Each guest will have an individual reading, each session will be approximately 40 minutes and can be recorded. 

An Evening/Audience With Phil 

An Evening of Clairvoyance is always a night of fun and lively entertainment.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please contact Phil: 

+34 683 433 708 / +44 77390 23463

or email through the contact me page

Phil Griggs

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+44 773 902 3463

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