Life Purpose Coach.

Musings and guidance from a mature Life Purpose Coach.

Life Purpose.

Our individual life purpose is almost always entwined with the very thing we love to do, beyond anything else.

Discovering our life’s purpose can be a life long process and many of us find we have the time to discover or even re-discover our passion, when we are older.

Sometimes our true life’s purpose evolves and reveals itself as we mature.

As we enter our golden years we can re-discover a passion and a purpose, that will allow us to align our choices and our actions into something meaningful.

Take a while to reflect and ask yourself two questions.

Have I realised my life’s purpose? 

Would I like to feel more authentically happy? 

When we tap into our inner joy and discover our creative gifts, then we can begin the process of aligning our choices and our actions with our true life purpose.

Just because we are older and perhaps just a little bit wiser, our years do not have to consign us to the ‘ I wish I had done this, or I wish I had done that’ mindset or way of thinking. 

You may believe that  your current circumstances and situation are not perfect and you have left it too late to follow your dreams and find your true life purpose.

This is not true, you can still act on those flashes of inspiration and insight.

Discover your life purpose.

I did.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise and I am changing myself.”

Jalal Uddin Rumi (1207 - 1273)

Persian poet and Sufi mystic.

Debra Griggs 

Producer of Cafe Clairvoyance TV Spiritual Shows.

Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. NLP. Life Purpose Coach. Reiki & Energy Healing Practitioner.