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Deb’s Diary.  Producer at Cafe Clairvoyance 

I thought I would write an article about Café Clairvoyance and why we began this amazing project.

In February 2020 we began to formulate the idea of hosting a live free show on YouTube and Facebook and decided to call our show Café Clairvoyance – Café as a concept of a meeting place and Clairvoyance meaning clear seeing.

We soon progressed to three one hour shows a week and produce shows which air every Sunday evening, Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

The Café Clairvoyance Sunday Spiritual Show is Phil’s opportunity to chat about spiritual subjects and topics and to chat about astrology, which is his passion.

We have always believed in sharing and promoting other spiritual people and there amazing work or interests. So, we decided to host the Café Clairvoyance Tuesday Spiritual Show, that showcases some wonderful guests, chatting about diverse spiritual subjects and interests.

Then came the idea to host The Café Clairvoyance Wednesday Spiritual Astrology Show which is a spiritual astrology hour featuring Phil and Astrologer and Psychologist Guiomar Ramirez-Montesinos. Both Phil and Guiomar have different approaches to astrology, yet they blend their astrological knowledge and readings to provide a unique insight into the current astrological energies.

We are often asked why we request a date of birth and a favourite colour with one question. 

When Phil is giving a Numerology based reading, then the date of birth is needed to provide a Life Path number and Personal Year Number and this may be combined with a tarot and mediumship reading.

For the Wednesday morning Café Clairvoyance show, Phil and Guiomar require a date of birth and this information is used to provide a basic birth/natal/star chart. We ask people to supply their birth date in advance, so that time is not taken up by constructing the individual birth charts during the show/podcast and more time can be focused on giving an astrological and spiritual reading.

Phil is an aura medium and works with an individual’s aura and colours during a clairvoyant session. As he cannot physically see who he is giving a mini-reading for during a show/podcast the request is for one colour to help him tune in vibrationally to the person. Phil can then link energetically and psychically with the individual and provide a spiritual reading.

We ask for one question, because sometimes people have so many questions and it is better to focus on one question and to try to give each person a clear reading. 

We hope that you enjoy our Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows and we do appreciate and value all the support we receive from everyone who watches or listens to our Café Clairvoyance Spiritual Shows.

Thank you  x

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