Step inside and develop your Holistic, Spiritual and Psychotherapeutic Skills and bring deeper meaning and understanding to your life.

Therapy for your soul

Welcome to the Academy

We are delighted to announce courses and events in both the spiritual and holistic academy that we are sure will grab your interest.

The human spirit is an amazing energy that has travelled through time emboding our physicals selves to learn and develop as we journey through lifetimes. 

When you were born into this world you were born here to make a difference to humanity. You are going to do amazing things that will touch peoples lives and bring knowledge, wisdom and intuition, not just others but to you too.  

This last few years we are beginning to understand what it means to go within and connect with our four levels of consciousness. By doing this we can achieve greatness in spiritual wisdom. For example, why is it when you meet people for the first time you instinctively know you have met them before? But from Where?  Time waits for no man however our superconsciousness remembers, we just need to tap into it. 

We are so excited  to bring to you our online and in person courses, workshops and events for you to join and, develop and further your skills and meet amazing people just like you on a journey through time.

Some courses are day workshops whilst others are weekly courses . Courses are in 3 categories Spiritual, Holistic and Psycho Therapeutic.

Phil Griggs your head tutor has a decade of experience in training, facilitating, coaching and tutoring spiritual courses such as  hand reading, tarot, cartomancy and numerology, mediumship and spiritual development, and astrology, motivation, goal setting, stress management, and mind power skills.

 In 2004 Phil was awarded an Ofsted Grade 1 for teaching style and course content for the spiritual development course during an Osted Inspection at  Barnfield College in Luton UK. Phil has teaching practice awards an Award in Education and Training, FAETC, Motivational Coaching, and an Accredited Facilitator.

Spiritual Courses


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