Keep going, beyond fear is success.

Everything we have in our lives was built from dreams.

Never let go of yours, your dreams define you.

Phil Griggs

Phil Griggs is a respected international Spiritual medium combining his work as a clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist and Integrative Neuro- Motivational Coach .

Phil has worked as a professional medium since 1988 and demonstrated his unique blend of  spiritual and psychic abilities at large shows and venues in the UK, USA,  Spain, Canada and Germany.

Phil hosts the ‘Phil Griggs Monday Psychic Show’  live on Facebook/ YouTube and www.philgriggs.com

Phil discovered his spiritual pathway whilst serving in the Tactical Systems Operations Branch and as a Ships Diver on Nuclear Hunter Killer Submarines in the Royal Navy.

The picture featured above is one of the submarines Phil served on  the HMS/M Superb sailing past Gibraltar.

After his time serving in the Royal Navy, Phil worked as a hostage negotiator, wing officer and rehabilitation tutor in HM Prison Service.

Phil then trained with the renowned hypnotherapy training centre in London, the Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies and received specialist advanced training in therapy with John Dewar’s School of Hypnotherapy.

Extensive training in teaching, facilitating and Neuro coaching has enabled Phil to present courses, lectures and practical demonstrations around the world including USA, Canada, Germany and Spain.

Phil Griggs was one of the first Adult Education Teachers based in the  Home Counties to offer an accredited course in the ‘psychic arts’ in the formal College network.

The academic course was awarded an OFSTED grade 1 pass.

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