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Phil Griggs is a respected international Spiritual Aura Medium and Psychic with an established background in Mediumship, Aura Interpretation, Astrology, Tarot & Cartomancy. 

Over the course of thirty-five years, Phil has made considerable contributions to the field of spiritual mediumship in the private and public spheres. He has showcased his expertise at large shows and venues across the world - USA, UK, Spain, and Germany – and worked with clients in ultra-private settings.

A skillset unique to Phil is the result of intuitive practice that has been cultivated by intensive training and certification. This involves the highly effective combination of spiritual aura and psychic mediumship – a practice that enables him to utilise the full capacity of two distinct modalities: energy and spirit. Together they provide a ceaseless flood of information – the primary focus being the extraction of relevant facts to deliver the precise message that spirit means to convey. 

Phil continues to push the parameters of his practice by ensuring mediumistic messages provide as much evidence as possible of spirit. 

Phil has appeared across multiple media platforms: television, radio, and most recently, social media at Café Clairvoyance. Furthermore, he has written and published articles on spiritual topics for popular newspapers and magazines. 

Please take a moment to browse his testimonials. 

How Phil connects with spirit:

When you have a spiritual consultation with Phil the most important link that he requires is your voice  to enhance his connection with spirit. This connection can be made with you in a personal one to one sitting or via social media platforms such as Messenger, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or a telephone reading. 

A spiritual consultation with Phil will begin by tuning into your voice vibration and scanning your aura enabling Phil to connect with spirit using his natural gift of clairvoyance. The consultation may also consist of palmistry, the crystal ball and hand reading with a tarot card spread.

Each consultation offers the client a personalised and unique experience, providing comfort and support.

Each consultation is approximately one hour in duration.

The consultations can also be recorded and sent within 24 hours via email as a download link. 

Private Consultations

Phil provides individual consultations for clients from his consulting room or can provide a home visit if viable.

A travel charge may apply.

International consultations are available via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime or the telephone.

Group Bookings

Book a party event or evening in the comfort of your home or chosen venue.

Each guest will have an individual reading of approximately 40 minutes which can be saved as a digital recording. 

An Audience With Phil  Griggs

An Evening of Clairvoyance is always a night of fun and lively entertainment with messages from the spirit world passed on to the audience.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please contact Phil: 

+44 77390 23463

or email


Phil Griggs

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